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Look who else is pushing the Knott Mechanical button

“Knottís the best. They came in, cleaned our drains and were gone before I even knew they were here.”

Joe Delory
Chief Engineer
Johns Hopkins Medical Management

“Iíve used your HVAC service for years and absolutely love it. When I found out you did drain jetting too, it was a no-brainer for me.”

Mary Burns
Facilities Manager
PHH Arval

“Thank you Knott for your top notch service. Having you handle our drain jetting has been a godsend.”

Ted Peddy
Foxleigh Management

“When we had some work done on our building, a lot of the ductwork and plumbing had to be re-done. If we didnít have Knott Mechanical working with us, it would have been a total mess.”

Kelly Stowell
Senior Property Manager
Mackenzie Management

“Having Knott Mechanical do our plumbing and HVAC has saved me several gray hairs.”

Rob Rodgers
Executive Director
Maryland Historical Society

I was looking at your website, and I must say that I am crushed that you never asked me for a testimonial! I would have given your techs an A+ for quality service and professionalism!”

Joyce L. Frank
Mackenzie Management

“These guys go the extra mile. If I am in a jam they are there for me, always trying to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet the needs of my tenants.”

Ben Gershowitz
Director of Facilities
The Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

“It is truly my feeling that Knott Mechanical is more concerned with the comfort of our tenants than their bottom line. They work diligently to resolve HVAC problems for the long-term rather than suggest or, even worse, employ temporary measures. Knott Mechanical's maintenance program and prompt and reliable service will enhance any Tenant/ Landlord relationship.”

Douglas M. Hoffberger, MBA
Keystone Realty Company, Inc.

“Recently we were presented our toughest bid package to date from a mechanical systems perspective, we turned to Knott Mechanical and they made the difference.”

Gregory C. Pinkard
Pinkard Properties, LLC

“Martin and Owen are striving to be perfect, but when they’re not perfect, which is rare, they look you in the eye and tell you what happened.”

Dwight S. Platt
Platt Development Group

“The thing I like most about Knott Mechanical is their understanding of property management, that’s a great asset.”

Jim Pappas
Asset Manager
Cassidy Turley

“In my experience Knott Mechanical is focused fast and efficient.“

Robert A. Manekin
Managing Director and Principal
Colliers International

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