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Get In the Know with KTrack™

KTrack™ is a proprietary tracking service designed to keep Knott Mechanical technicians and customers in-the-know and on-the-go. It allows for instant access to a complete history of all equipment and work performed by Knott Mechanical. In addition, this wireless system provides a direct link to all other pertinent information, including highly detailed cost tracking, while enabling the ability to document all work on equipment being serviced.

Your Tracks Are Covered

With KTrack, you’ll also have instant access, in real-time, to work order status and account information from any web browser. You will know when maintenance is scheduled and/or performed the moment it happens. As an added value, completed work order tickets can be emailed to multiple parties so that property managers, tenants, and building engineers are all aware of the status of a reported problem. Recommendations will be highlighted for easy recognition.

Comprehensive Cost Reporting

As a property manager, you can access our website to view the costs—down to the equipment level—associated with work performed on your buildings. A summary and complete breakdown of financial information including preventive-maintenance price schedules and the costs associated with each service call for a particular building/contract will be available to assist in your budgeting process. You can access your records wherever, and whenever, you need.

Constant access to work order history for any piece of equipment serviced by Knott Mechanical will enable our technicians to more efficiently:

  • Troubleshoot equipment,
  • Service equipment,
  • Obtain replacement parts, and
  • Respond to the next service call.

Request Service When and Where It’s Convenient for You

Working seamlessly with KTrack™, our K-Service Center provides you with the flexibility to request service over the web. Simply select your site location and enter the details of the service request. The request is converted into a work order and is automatically scheduled.

KTrack™ also enables the creation of custom maintenance programs for each building based upon your needs. This includes routine checkups, preventive maintenance and season specific upkeep. It means your building HVAC and plumbing systems are practically self-managing.

No More Calling for Updates

As a customer, you can receive email notifications, or a text message on your cell phone each time the status of the work order changes. This allows you to know instantly when the request has been received, scheduled, in progress, and/or complete – all without ever having to call our office.

Real-Time Empowerment

The K-Service Center allows you to access relevant information relating to your contracts including: work order status, work order numbers, work order details, job site information, equipment service history, and more. Access and manage your account using the automatically updated e-Service Center.

Automated, Streamlined Field Service

With KTrack™, field service personnel have all the account and equipment information they need to respond to a service call or perform preventive maintenance. Job location, street maps, written directions, equipment inventory, location, history, contact information, problem descriptions and service requests are all sent electronically. And because every Knott technician has a complete work history, there’s never a need to review past repairs when you request maintenance. Technicians can begin work the moment they arrive on site.

Online Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance

At most service companies, the skill and experience level of service personnel can vary a great deal. KTrack™ provides our technicians with access to electronic industry templates, preventive maintenance schedules and service diagnostics to help Knott personnel work smarter and faster. Additionally, wiring diagrams and equipment graphics are available for more efficient troubleshooting and repair.

Disaster Recovery

The ability to access pertinent information related to specific equipment at your building is critical to the process of recovering failed equipment. With KTrack™, our technicians have real-time access to your complete equipment history as well as IOM Manuals and Mechanical drawings. KTrack ensures our technicians have the information they need to do the job right the first time, thus expediting your recovery process.

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