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Our Team And Resources

Knott Mechanical is comprised of highly skilled technicians and an exceptional management team. Few contractors have the depth-of-skill or breadth-of-experience needed to serve you and respond quickly to meet your service objectives. Knott Mechanical can. No matter what, you’ll always receive the same level of quality, professional service and continuity of personnel. Continuity is the key to our success. In fact, the average number of years our technicians have worked with Knott Mechanical is 8.

Cost Effective Service Through The Use Of Technology

Knott Mechanical has developed a streamlined service approach and proprietary technology known as KTrack™. This software eclipses other contractors’ automated tools by allowing for a paperless work order process. Thereby, allowing Knott Mechanical technicians to respond to service calls and service equipment more efficiently.

Our Commitment To Quality And Value

A commitment to quality service is the guiding principle by which Knott Mechanical manages its contracts and customers. This commitment is expressed in every facet of our firm’s operations - communications from top management, training of our professionals, performance evaluations, career counseling and the daily interactions and communications with you, our customers. The end result is a quality, timely, and responsive service we can take pride in.

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