Knott Mechanical | HVAC – Replace, Retrofit, and Install New
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Things happen we don’t expect. When your HVAC system breaks down or it’s simply time for an upgrade, we’re here to help.  


During the life span of a traditional building, space configurations will change. Along with the changing layout, HVAC systems must also change in order to accommodate new heating and cooling loads. Whether you require changes to the air distribution system, the addition of supplemental cooling and heating systems, or the replacement of existing systems due to age or failure, Knott Mechanical is prepared to meet your needs. Here are a few examples of HVAC installations and upgrades we are equipped to handle:

  • Cooling tower replacement
  • Rooftop replacements
  • Boiler replacements/upgrades
  • Ductwork installations and modifications
  • Supplemental cooling installation
  • Data room design and installation
  • Building automation control installations
  • Chiller replacement/upgrade


Since 1971, we have installed or replaced 5,000 rooftop units, 200 chillers,
and 400 boilers.



Careers Knott Mechanical


We’re always looking for new faces to join our team of top techs.


When you join our team, you become apart of the Knott Family. That’s why we’ve deployed a cutting-edge approach to our HR process.






We guarantee data-driven solutions and reliable service for every customer.


Jonas allows us to promise you reliable and communicative service you won’t find anywhere else.


Talk to one of our HVAC specialists to get your building’s heating and cooling running smoothly.